Hand in Hand gegen Rassismus


Hand-in-hand against racism for human rights and diversity

Human chains on 18/19 June 2016

Hundreds of thousands of people are working hard to welcome refugees into Germany, something which has earned them respect worldwide. At the same time, buildings are burning, racists are threatening people on the street. Refugees are being attacked and defamed as terrorists, even though it is terror from which they themselves are fleeing. People with different skin colours and religions, but also lesbians, homosexuals, transgender people, helpers as both fulltime employees and volunteers, and politicians are being insulted and harassed in Germany. Europe is closing its borders. Social solidarity and the fundamental values of democracy are being put to the test.

We want to build a human chain to symbolize our support of a Germany and a Europe that is open to the rest of the world, respectful of human rights and proud of its diversity. We will not be able to meet the global challenges we face unless we work together and with one another.

HAND-IN-HAND AGAINST RACISM – for HUMAN RIGHTS and DIVERSITY. Let’s get together to build a human chain of solidarity throughout all of Germany on 18/19 June 2016! Regardless of religion, country of origin, skin colour or sexual identity – we stand up for the inviolability of human dignity and the protection of human rights. The Geneva Refugee Convention must not be called into question or undermined by individual countries tightening up the laws regarding the right to asylum.

We know that it’s most vital to eliminate the reasons why people are forced to flee their home countries. At the same time, however, we cannot close our eyes to the emergency situations that other people face when fleeing persecution, terror, war and poverty. We cannot accept the fact that people who are seeking to live their lives in safety have to die on their way to Europe.

We are calling on you:

  • to stand up for an open society – don’t give in to hate and prejudice
  • to stand up to racism and hate speeches peacefully but decidedly
  • to protect refugees or anyone who is threatened by racist agitation or attacks
  • to develop and implement effective protection concepts for women, children, homosexuals, lesbians and transsexuals
  • to fight the reasons that cause people to flee their home countries
  • to stop arms exports to areas of conflict
  • to provide greater support to fulltime employees and volunteers in the valuable work they do
  • to encourage participation and integration. Everyone has the right to live a life fit for a human being, to have affordable accommodation and access to education and work.


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